Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swinging Weekend in the Cat House

Outside, the weather was cold & frightful. Ok, not really frightful but cold enough to freeze your ying yang off.

black & white Oscar was on the top tier of the cat tree, relaxing & grooming. Stewart wanted to play, then went for the cat toy on a string.  My room mate's cat, Smudge, is the other B&W. First photo she was actually squinting at the camera from the flash.. smart kitty! Then Speedy, the 4th cat has a bit of washed out yellow eye that I've yet to learn how to fix in Photoshop.
This is what a real cat house looks like on a weekend. Exciting I know. Note, I didn't post the pictures with adult beverages. We don't allow the kids to drink.
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Oscar's thinkin', leave me alone.
I mean it, buzz off. I'm not messing around.
Stewart playing with mice on a string.
Then Oscar got his nap.

Smudge is thinking, damn that's a bright flash on that camera, thus she squinted.

Still waiting for some food. Maybe if I ignore the camera broad.
Speedy near the furnace room, warmest part of the cold house.

P.S. Changed my mind. Here's a photo of my Irish Coffee from Saturday night. Oh, and I'm now experimenting with Seagram's 7. I'd lost ability to drink for years (Long story!) and am enjoying having liquor in the house again. I also think it causes me to take minutia photographs. Time will tell.