Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pita Bread with raw veggies Sandwich

Pita bread with raw veggies

Skally's Old World Whole Wheat Pita bread

fill with

1 Cup fresh mung bean sprouts ( I grew mine or other sprouts work)

1 cup grated carrots

½ cup or so, diced green onion tops (just use the green part)

½ cup  or so, finely diced red bell peppers

(All measurements are approximate...I mean who measures for this kind of thing?)

If needed, use mustard, or mashed avocado for a sandwich spread. I used a mix of mustard, some almond butter I made, and lime juice.

Cut in half your pita bread and jam the goodies inside. Wrap with a napkin to make it easier to eat, as depending upon softness of bread, may break.

Or if you want to eat on gluten free bread, or Ezekial bread, eat open-faced.

I am on strike in this heat and even with AC, kitchen gets too hot.

Treat yourself to easy plant based, raw food dinners.  You do not need a fancy dehydrator to make raw meals fast. I recomment Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or two People by Jennifer Cornbleet. Simple recipes and you can even watch her make things online.

Just my two cents.

Tomorrow, I am making raw spring rolls. I made them before with flour spring wraps but will try the rice wraps tomorrow, that you need to dunk in water first! NO COOKING for that either.

I prep a little as I go and rest so no static standing, if that is an issue for some of you, and I KNOW it is.
Then store this in air tight container in the fridge, or lunch cooler, and eat before day's end.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lighting is Everything, etc.

Even in nature, lighting is everything. This Ruby-throated male hummingbird tilted forward, you can see the red around his neck.  When the sun hits it a second later, at  a different position, you see yellow and even green! The sun is way too bright here but I wanted to show you what bright light does to the neck color.

  Underneath, is the female Ruby Throated, no color on her neck, but cute anyway.

 Chipmunk thinking about picking up left over corn on the patio.
Chipmunk full of corn, getting ready to stash about 30 pieces!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Birds from my windows


 Female Cardinal "Don't talk with your mouth full."
 "I'm hungry. Feed me!"
 Male feeding female

Almost fed, but I missed the money shot.

 House Finch, female raising a ruckus.
Still nagging!

Bird watching is so fun. I suggest it highly. Look into the types of seed for the birds you wish to draw and get a good hopper feeder for squirrel proofing sunflower seed feed.