Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Photographs Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

If you've not made the drive to the famous Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Outdoor Museum, I urge you to do so. True, this time of year part of the park is now being decorated for the Christmas light display, which is a major fundraiser to the park, but back area of park is untouched.

I've been a member for 10 years, seen the inside of the house on tour on two occasions. It's the only park of it's type and Butler County is lucky to have this beautiful 275 acres. It's right on the edge of Hamilton, Ohio in St. Clair township, about 5 minutes north of Ross. It's located on 128.

These are some of my photos from yesterday. The new Romeo & Juliet is odd but beautiful, the Abracadabra is still my fave (three story red structure) and the Cincinnati Story is interesting and I could take 20 photos of it and it's sprawling parts. The landscape this time of year is great with huge groups of ornamental grasses which are divine.

Sarcophagus photo taken during tour, as were the other inside the house pics.

Photo above this one from 350 B.C and this one from 3 rd Century A.D.

View from inside Pyramid home looking at sky.

Entrance into the home. House is on slope so there are walk out areas in front & back, though most of the roof is grass.