Monday, April 28, 2014

Butler Co. Bayou, Turtles, Tulips, Misc

 Along side the Hamilton-Fairfield Airport is Gilmore Ponds Metro Park. Lots of birds could be 'heard' but were hiding amongst the swamp trees and surrounding thicket.  Our first time there but nice trail. Better hurry.  From May to October it's easy to see why this swamp is a known major mosquito haven!

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 Friend took the old Wiedemann trailer, abandoned in a lot, and the two turtle pics, and the fern.

Tulips and pansies from the home yard.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sylvain Acher and Frenchaxe in Hamilton, Ohio

Sometimes, you read about a local band for a long time, but you don't get to see them perform.   For me, it's health/gravity issues that keep me home too much, so when I do venture out, I hope it's worth it.

Folks, I'm here to tell you that  FrenchAxe was indeed worth it and I was enchanted with their style.    We first sat towards the back, but when people sat in front of us, we could not see and it was a really great turn out.   It wasn't until my friend and I stood up that we spotted the drummer!  We  knew we heard him but it was a mystery.  (EDIT: While there is a “portable stage” available, I think a permanent one is needed at this venue since they have musical acts weekly and I mentioned this to the that is plenty big and safe to hold an entire band.  Their current one works for a solo or duo act, but I digress. I like to sit close and watch the musicians do their thing.)

Sylvain Acher and  French Axe were  fantastic! Sylvain was endearing with his accent and we enjoyed his brief stories and hand gesturing between songs, as well as his astute musicianship on the guitar and singing.  We wished we understood French--  as he sings in his home language, but good music transcends the language.

Fellow accordionist and keyboard player Rob Allgeyer added to this quartet, as did stand up bass player Eric Sayer, and drummer/percussionist Mark Milliron.

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I took way too  many photos, as usual,  and it was easiest to see Sylvain. I got up and moved around the best I could without being annoying or distracting (I hope!) but I would’ve photographed these guys all night. I enjoyed watching the drummer (I 'm a huge fan of drum brushes)  the accordionist/keyboard player was fun to watch and an upright bass player is always a treat.

 The music was at times, Parisian, Caribbean,  Brazilian....then other world flavors were mixed into this special musical recipe that is Frenchaxe


Visit their website for some biographies on the band, band contacts, CD and video information. Frenchaxe

Here is an interview online with Sylvain from last year at WVXU

Here is a lovely video medley of some their songs. I LOVE This! Go to youtube if this doesn't work on your tablet!

 If you do facebook here is  the link to Frenchaxe so go like their page. Right now!

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment. *waves hello* ~~Sophia
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