Monday, May 10, 2010

Tunes of Sister Rosetta Tharpe & others

I'd never heard of Sister Rosetta Tharpe until I got a CD called "Shout, Sister, Shout" from the library with Maria Muldaur, Marcia Ball & others on it. Some great tunes. Rosetta did Gospel with a rock n roll beat in the 1930's. Also did some great Swing tunes which are part of this show I did. Midway the show switches gears to other songs by Dino, Glenn, Willie & Wynton & even a song by the Dead ...Ok, I'm a moody wench & somedays, have the attention span of a gnat. With my little music shows done from my little 'office bunker', ya never know what you are gonna get! I close with a favorite song "Canal Street Blues" recorded in Richmond, Indiana in 1932. It features Joe King Oliver, a young Louis Armstrong, Lil Hardin~~later she married Louis~~ & many other late, great musicians.

I hope to do another show on her down the road but had tech glitches uploading songs to the BTR switchboard. Stop by to listen to some tunes. Then go to youtube and google some video on her (but remember it's VERY old stuff, she was born in 1915 and died in 1973) and read on her life.

It's been a long several months with medical issues keeping me from doing a show and reading things in small boxes, or reading in general. Sorry to be so inconsistent, random & intermittent with shows. Might consider a time change. I'll try to Tweet a new show or check the Blog Talk Radio site for updates, especially if you enjoy music from days gone by.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo

To kick things off, since I don't really drink much these days except the occasional glass of wine or beer, I still remember with fondness a late uncle and his wife. I only saw them about 6 times in my entire life. But they were from L.A. and on one trip in the 1980's brought this great Margarita Recipe with them. So with that, I shall toast today, the Fifth of May!

Home Made Margarita Recipe

You will need Tequila (we used SILVER Label Hose Cuervo for mildness)

A good brand of Triple Sec

One Lime


1 cup limeade (in frozen foods)
3 cups Sweet and Sour Base (Good brand?!)
1/2 Egg White (If afraid, leave out but we always used it)

For Drinks

1 cup base mix (shake before measuring so the egg white is mixed)

1/2 cup orange juice, fresh or the NOT from concentrate variety

3 jiggers Tequila

1 jigger Triple Sec

1 cup crushed ice

Put in blender. Pour in glasses rubbed with a lime and dipped in Kosher or Margarita salt.

Enjoy and stay home or have designated driver if you go out and about. Ha!! :)

This may seem like quite the investment but I have never found anybody that did not like this recipe. But remember, it's only as good as the ingredients.