Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Appalachian Grass Was Again at MUH

Downtown Hamilton was livened up to the rafters Monday night, with yet another packed house of bluegrass fans! You could feel the energy of the crowd as the band played and the red clothing from the band helped to kick that up a notch. They all looked smashing!

If you have not seen Appalachian Grass perform, you are truly missing out on one mighty fine group. Not only are they gifted  musicians, but they have such fun on stage, sound so fabulous, that you  could almost forget how hard they are working to entertain us all. They say great musicians make it look easy.

It was only my second time hearing them (Where have you been, Soph?) but I think many regular fans were there at the event, as it almost felt like a big family reunion....of a family you haven’t yet met.

Vernon has a great sense of humor which adds to the fun and watching Kitty dancing around from the mic in the middle of the stage to add harmony, then back to the end of the group is a fun scene. She is one very talented fiddler.  She should get a pedometer to wear as I bet she walks a good distance during the performances.  I got a few photos but really, you need to just need to go hear these guys. They're individually rich in their musicianship and all together, are a powerhouse.
*Click on photos to enlarge them. The pictures are a little dark and grainy from film speed but mileage may vary depending on your monitor's brightness settings*

Vernon McIntyre on guitar, the band's leader.

Mike Elliott was on mandolin and dobro.
Tammy Powers in the middle on the bass  fiddle. 
Robert Campbell
Bluegrass Festival Season is kicking up and they will be busy! Make a point to see them as I promise you, a great dose of Happy Music Therapy.
During the break a photo of the bass, finally.
Here is their website. They also give lessons and do instrument repair and you can find band contacts there.  Get on Kitty's email list to keep  updated with their schedule.
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P.S. A 30 second clip of the ending of "Rawhide"