Saturday, September 8, 2012

EDITED Update on Crash. Great Miami Riverdays Hamilton Drag Racing Boats

Miami Riverfest Days in Hamilton
(waiting at ramp to be called down river to race. Click on any photo to enlarge it.
See crash update at end of post.)

 This church steeple is lit up at night and I could see it from my bedroom window in my apartment for nine years when I lived across from the Great Miami River.
I've never been up close to drag racing boats. I took a few photos and the hydroplane was cool,too.
I've also become one of those photographers who "special effects the hell heck out of pictures!" Gasp! I hate those types, but sometimes, it works. And for this, I posted both normal and effects stuff, and will make a slide show later. I'm going back tomorrow if the weather is cool and I am up for it.

It's a long time between races because there is only one boat ramp, and they play music from loud speakers but still...great to be near water and it's gorgeous weather. Plenty of time to smoke a cigar...or have a drink if a bar was nearby. Ha!

Boat with Safety Capsule.

 Above inside the cockpit. Looks like insulation sprayed on walls. Hope it's fire proof.

This is the engine, directly behind the driver's head.  Wow.

Guys on way to starting line above and below.

Starting line up rope

Boat below...this is 161 mph !

Above also has safety capsule

 Waiting their turns to load up in the long line at the ramp. Holding on to line to keep them in place. Only one ramp in which to enter and exit which slowed things considerably.
Hydroplane took off and did a touch and go for the crowds.

 Waiting in line  to get to another parking lot, to leave after a day or racing.  Columbia Bowling lanes lent their parking lot to the out of town racers and their boats and RVs. Gorgeous weather.
Announcer said this boat got up to 171 mph. Crazy fast.  Drag boat racing  I've never seen, but it was a fun day.  Lots of waiting in between with only one ramp, which was a drag, but it was a good day to just sit and enjoy the weather. 
I  saw miniature butterflies galore and some were white. Hope to get more photos if I go back tomorrow.
I do believe this brown butterfly is a "Skipper" of which there are many varieties. Hard to capture with open wings. Kept wings closed so I had to be patient to catch them open.
Don't know what this cute little butterfly is called but they all fluttered around me making me feel welcome!

Then the biker's came out to salute the Veteran's of September 11th and all before and since then.  This is the group that protects funerals and loved ones from crazy people who "picket" funerals of soldiers. Must have been 100 bikes in all.

Then the next day as I was leaving, a bunch of bike's drove right next to me as I walked to my car. I could've high -fived somebody had I been more daring!

Old church on a hill over looking the river. They have shrubs in the shape of a cross but hard to capture with my zoom camera.  I parked in their lot. Small church in suburbs.

Here is a link for the schedule. I went on the western side of the riverbank, so was not near the amusement park crowds and I found a free place to park. It was great not being around the dense crowds. 

EDITED: Saturday night at about 7:30pm, Jeff Miller's boat crashed and he was taken to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. I am reading he has concussion and had surgery for a compound fracture on his leg, and a pin put in. I am putting the youtube link here of the accident since I  now know he is going to be ok. I wish all boats had the Safety Capsules to enclose the racers. Saved Jeff's life, according to the newspaper. 

My thoughts and prayers to Jeff for a complete recovery.