Thursday, December 12, 2013

Goldfinch Yoga, Cardinals, etc

The male goldfinch still had a burst of yellow on his neck, going into winter coat season.  I'd never seen a goldfinch pose on top of the feeder in the wrong spot. He even tried to turn upside down to eat in the wrong place.  The leg pose and expressions were cute. He appeared to be doing yoga to me.

Then we had the cardinals, male and females. Female ticked off when one bird tried to share feeder.

Another one looks to be tap dancing on the hopper feeder.  Then a sparrow on the cage moved a bit but I could still see bit of geometric pattern on his belly from the sun.

Enjoy the pictures. *waves* ...Sophia, the bird lady.

PLEASE click on the photo to see it fully sized! 

 House finch sees the pecking order for the sunflower seed on hopper feeder! Cranky birds.
"Wait your turn, buster! I'm not finished yet!"