Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photographs of Changes

Click on any photograph to see it enlarged.

Me, 41 years apart. Not the same spot but close.  Leaving that house today was the most difficult, heartbreaking thing I have ever done after losing mom & dad. Sobbed so much, I wore myself out. But I know this is normal. This closing stirred everything up, as did hearing from High School friends for the first time after 37 years.  Got a note I was being mentioned so finally joined FB with real name.

So many of those friends came to this house or hung out with me here, or the neighborhood but live across the country now.. Will take a long, long time to get over losing my mom and childhood home. I had a bigger attachment than any other family which makes it difficult to carry. Nobody else really cares the house is gone.  Very robotic responses and I hear from nobody.

 I've no husband, no kids, no job, no relatives outside of siblings & their kids,   busy with their own lives. Heartbreaking and missing mom more than ever. Having nobody to share the intensity of the loss makes me feel like an orphan.

It might have been a small house but had a great yard and mom and dad did the best they could to raise us. They were great people.

Goodbye forever, to my parents house and childhood home since 1961.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Teaching a cat to sit up Part 1

Ok, i've never taught a cat tricks before but Stewart seems food motivated.  He sat up a couple times before I grabbed the camera (of course!) so I tried to capture it. Thus, my repeating the word 'sit-up' so much so he knows what it means.  The goal is to have him let go and sit up for more than a couple seconds without losing his balance.  Notice for now, he seems unsure what to do with his paws after letting go of the spoon (tiny bit of canned cat food on it)

So if I can get him to sit up with paws relaxed, while waiting for a snack, I shall endeavor to film it. Cats have a way, though, of seeing the camera in my hand and completely changing their focus.  So cat lovers, stay tuned.