Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Local Fall Scenes

 The old Miami Erie Canal...this is a great area!

This red barn farm runs along the canal as does the horse field.

 Deer would not cooperate but they were fun to watch.

 Love this traditional home in a fabulous setting!  LOVE!
The only drawback to this area? The police shooting range and training center that is LOUD !!! Wonder how many days they shoot...I heard both times I was out during week day....some houses on this road have elevated views that see for miles, MILES to the west!

 This English looking home is huge and overlooks a pond in Walden Pond's subdivision...they have great views of the golf course.
 This McMansion was on Canal Road....so modern compared to other homes but curious who lives in these big homes.
Another view of the red farm along the canal...horse by himself two different times I went by ...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Almost Torpor Season

Chipmunks dont hibernate, just go into torpor state.

"They live off their hoard all winter long. Unlike other mammals like bats, Eastern Chipmunks do not lay on the fat for winter. Instead, they rely on good food stored in the pantry. All winter long chipmunks eat and chill out, eat and chill out. I am not just using “chill out” to be cool. They really do chill out falling into torpor for up to eight days.   Torpor is characterized by reduced body temperature, oxygen consumption, heart rate and breathing which all lead to much lower energy use. It makes a mouth full of sunflower seeds go a long way."

 - See more at: http://blog.audubonguides.com/2010/03/01/backyard-chipmunks-living-the-good-life/#sthash.GTL4vo5r.dpuf

Diagram found online of chipmunk's home!