Friday, February 5, 2010


Ok, using the old Olympus with no tripod. NOT taking out the NikonD as it's snowing a very wet snow. Just as the snow plow came by the stupid camera started beeping as if batteries were dying. It does this when it gets cold, too. Just like me, I beep when I'm cold :-D.

Sorry they are blurry, too slippery for the tripod, and flash doesn't work when it's still snowing at the lens, as you will see by the one photo. Be interesting to see how much we get as the ground is warmer, snow seems to be sinking into the ground but grass is now covered.
But honestly, all the hoopla on the tv screens are over done as usual. Imagine what tv is like in D.C. where 30 inches is being forecast!!!!

I'm not grabbing a can a Spam, a bottle of water and the family pets to gather under the bed for great Cincy's snOMG nonsense.


5chw4r7z said...

OoO, I like that last one you took with the flash.
Not too bad, no snow downtown to take a picture of.

Sophia said...

Thanks, not been online much for a week but not sure how I missed your comment. Thanks for chiming in. :) LOVED the snow a couple weeks ago.

Now, I'm out of the mood.