Friday, July 23, 2010

Stewart Video 1 yr later

I can see why I've gone one year between cat videos!!! Enough attempting cat video today with a webcam. Ya need a portable flip video for moving critters. And drugs...for the cat and the producer !--just kidding.

All I got was a bedspread and face full of fur for my attempt, though Stewart was purring his brains out. At one point he pauses the eyejot video & you can hear him purr---- have no clue how he did that, as he stepped on the keyboard! This is my first double-coated cat. Needs brushing/raking. It's hot. I'm done. This was the result. He was lying on the window ledge after this & now on side of bed, having grown weary of the fuzzy toy.

The video does stop abruptly with him looking lop-eared & bored (Though still purring) He meant to meow good-bye.

Next blog will be something easy to photograph..... my flowers. When it's cooler. Maybe October.

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