Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Discontinued NOISY Sunchips Bag

Ok, this bag was supposed to decompose in 16 weeks. Well, it only looks dirty with a few tears in it. Granted, some neighbor behind us added a privacy fence behind our pile (which added some extra shade time) and it's been a dry summer & we've not watered the compost pile. Still, we expected this 'unique green package' to disappear a little better than this one did.

Frito Lay has quit making it saying it's due to noisy bag complaints. Well, it was annoying but in the name of science, I had to share our experience in Ohio with this bag. I did not believe it from the get go. I also detest the fake "Green" packaging being bastardized in the same way the name organic/free range/cage free labels are basically lies, but I digress. Still I thought I would share our photographs.

The top one, has a log on it, as I dragged it out of the pile after six weeks for a photograph. Then the other photos were taken today. According to my calendar, this bag was supposed to completely break down by the 20th of October. Not gonna happen.

(Click on any photo to enlarge it)
So there you go. Sophia's experiment in the lies of packaging that is supposed to make us feel we are doing our part to make less garbage in landfills. Don't you believe it.

Just recycle the best you can, try not to waste things, and for goodness sake, enjoy your Sun Chips!

Cynical Sophia

p.s. And if you still buy plastic bottled water, shame on you! :) Get a reusable stainless steel one. They are really affordable these days and you can even find them at Kroger, Target, etc.

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