Monday, June 20, 2011

First Tailgate & Cincinnati Roller Girls Outing

....So as I was saying, we got an invite to a birthday tailgate at the Cincinnati Roller Girls last game. I've never tailgated or been to a roller game so was glad the weather was cool enough for me to attend.

I was warned to go past the guys in the parking lot if they tried to stop us, to say we were there to tailgate. I was told this would happen on the north side of the Cincinnati Gardens parking lot. The guys say "no, Tailgating is across the street." I immediately called a couple of tweeps who said this was news to them (they were regulars, I was a tailgate newbie) but to go where we were told. But they were not happy. This was after all fan appreciation night so the Gardens guys made us go across the four lane street in a hot parking lot, & the burger truck was across the street in the Garden's side parking lot. Made no sense.

So we get our camping chairs out of the car & see a tent with "Happy Birthday" on it. I asked "Are you guys here for Julie's Birthday" and they said yes. ...thing was, nobody looked anything like their avatar or photos I've seen online of the group I follow. I said "Are you guys on twitter? EVERYBODY paused. No. ...and Julie is computer ignorant so she's probably not on Twitter either" (!?!?) After a few more minutes I said " Is this the Julie that works at such-N-such. A man said "No, Julie has her own business and used to own a floral shop." Oops. Wrong Julie Birthday Party crowd.

Then we wondered to the other end of the lot & found our fellow tweeps along with my friend @NotOnTwitterChristopher. So we ate, yakked and laughed over "Two Julies" having birthday parties at the last Cincy Roller Girls of the season. What are the odds?

I tried to sneak in a manual picture of the girl singing the National Anthem (she did a good job!) without the flash going off but it went off anyway. The rest are random photos. Wooly Bully came out and threw cute stuffed animals into the crowd. My friend caught one & immediately gave it to a darling little girl across the row behind us. She looked thrilled & gave him a huge smile that made the entire evening worth it.

The Cincinnati Rollergirls is a fabulous family oriented outing. I highly recommend it. That said, the acoustics at the Gardens are bad and if you are noise sensitive, take earplugs. I did and so happy that I did!

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