Friday, April 13, 2012

Teaching a cat to sit up Part 1

Ok, i've never taught a cat tricks before but Stewart seems food motivated.  He sat up a couple times before I grabbed the camera (of course!) so I tried to capture it. Thus, my repeating the word 'sit-up' so much so he knows what it means.  The goal is to have him let go and sit up for more than a couple seconds without losing his balance.  Notice for now, he seems unsure what to do with his paws after letting go of the spoon (tiny bit of canned cat food on it)

So if I can get him to sit up with paws relaxed, while waiting for a snack, I shall endeavor to film it. Cats have a way, though, of seeing the camera in my hand and completely changing their focus.  So cat lovers, stay tuned.

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