Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tale of Two Fawns

While dog sitting this past weekend, in Liberty Township, I spotted two fawns a few yards over from the deck.  So I got out my camera and put on my 55-200 m zoom lens, and commenced to shooting. First from too far away, then I walked next door and just went crazy snapping photos.  It was at times overcast and then sunny, which drove my zoom lens shutter crazy as it's sensitive.  Even with the AV (Antivibration) deal, some turned out a bit fuzzy as the autofocus got confused.

Never the less, I enjoyed the outing though was sad after 2 hours, no mom deer came around, so these orphaned girls are on their own.  Deer usually stay with their mom's for the first year and lose their spots around 6 months of age.  The male deer usually never see their mother's again, but the daughter's will often come back after they have babies of their own and hang out in herds with the mother.

They sure are cute up close and just observing them was fun on this cool morning.

The siblings discover me and my camera

Gingerly stepping closer while looking for some good grass to eat.
I had camera around my neck and hands out to my sides, palms up to prove I was safe and spoke to her.
But she started to run off and I caught this but missed the next two strides as she went into the next yard.
I did catch this though, in which she appears to prefer cable over dish judging by her posture !
The one sibling kept resting a lot, even as they moved a bit closer.  It was about 10 am now.
Still wondering if I am a good witch or a bad witch, and she was starting to sniff loudly at me.
Just when I thought she was coming closer, I crouched down for a photo and she spun around and took off!

Other fawn getting ready to lie down a bit before getting up to run again later.
Other deer full of fear and curiosity as this crazy woman with the black camera kept snapping away.
Missed the mid air leap, darn it but this was the push off.
Running so fast could hardly keep her in the view finder as sun went in and out and shutter lag in low light.
This was a great photo showing huge strides.
They kept looking off to the small woods as if wondering if mom was there or somebody else lurking.

I went out about 45 minutes later, and as the guy next door cut his grass with a push mower, they went in the woods much closer to where I was staying.  I went out there trying to coax her closer but the dense jungle was too overgrown to get closer.  They patiently waited as the man cut his grass.  But,when the jug head   neighbor  fired up the WAY TOO LOUD WEED TRIMMER, they bolted into the woods, and I never saw them again.  Not even in the next two mornings.  Good luck, kids! Thanks for the photographs.

By the way, I think weed trimmers should be made illegal or quieter.  If they are louder than the average push mower, that's totally insane but I digress off the nature topic!

Until next time! ~~Sophia *waves*

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