Saturday, October 13, 2012

Julian's Deli After Dark Music

After 17 years I finally got to see my old 20 Mile House musician friend again!  It was a cold evening but Julian's looked festive with  fall decor abounding. Most of the crowd was around the fire pit enjoying drinks and conversation, along with the music. Steve and daughter Suzanna provided the tunes from the middle of the patio.

Alice singing harmony with daughter.
Since I was sitting close to the musicians and the patio heater was on the violinist, I was too cold to get a beer or even a soft drink and I'd eaten dinner at home. The owner and waiters were nice and nobody bugged me about ordering something, which was kind and generous.  But, fear not.  Later, I was in the mood for a chocolate chip cookie and by golly, they sell those. Made by local Loveland bakery "The Dessert Fairy." I know many cookie lovers, thus would be remiss in not mentioning this info.

Julian's has a nice covered patio area and they are working on adding more ceiling coverage to make it more cold weather friendly.  Under this area is a big TV for watching football games or other sports. 
If I lived closer, I would hang out at Julian's more often. Nice vibe, nice folks and under the trees in the city. Oh and right on the Bike Trail.

**Click on any photo to see it enlarged. Some w/o flash may look grainy as I put the ISO on 1600. I try to avoid flash when possible, but it's tough when no dedicated light is on a band ,which can happen with outdoor gigs.**

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