Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Flyover The House

(The first photo was fuzzy. Click on any photograph to enlarge it)
Ok, I can't do parades even though it was just down the street and hill from us (standing up for a long time, or even sitting, not easy most days due to Orthostatic Intolerance)  Looking over my head is dizzying, too.  Using binoculars gives me motion sickness and so does using a zoom lens (55-300) while hunting for plane formations, I just discovered. Still dizzy but it was worth it!

I heard these engines earlier and missed them due to the over abundance of trees in the back yard (over 80 feet high all along the back property lines!)  They were flying low to the west, we live on top of a hill, and I completely missed them. I was still in bed, drinking coffee so I could get blood pressure high enough to get functional.  

Still, it was worth banging my elbow, grabbing my Nikon and running outside to look.  The second and third times around, I finally found them in my viewfinder and enjoyed the Navy plane, smoke stream included, and the formation by the other three planes. Interesting to note the one plane had it's landing gear down.  The low, loud rumble of a rotary engine could be heard long before they came into view (Hidden by the trees)

Some photos are repeated, using different filters.

 Many guys who flew in these planes, never returned home.  Remember what today is really about.   Memorial Day is about remembrance of those who gave all. 


Gassyknoll said...

Very cool!

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