Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hummingbirds and Other birds

Click on any photograph to enlarge it.
 Tufted Titmouse on Shepherd's Hook .. .. ..
 Getting ready for take off, with topknot flat for better aerodynamics!
 Female hummingbird, looking around for other territorial females. Lots of fighting over feeders.
 I have three feeders on 3 sides of the house. This is out back window.
 Can see her tongue here if you look closely.
 Just got chased away and came looking under for sneak attacks.

 RARE! Though only one is in focus, two hummingbirds are on same feeder!

Another photo before one got nervous and allowed the other one to scare it away!

 There she goes. Ruby throated hummers are very territorial.  So when you see those photos of hummers sharing feeder in an ad, it's usually a lie.  Maybe other types are more likely to share but these are not!  Dive bomb each other all the time like little war planes. Even the males with the red throat will chase away females.
 Female Cardinal with some red tufts and feathers missing. They molt every year.. the males look like they have black helmets where the red feathers are missing.
 Goldfinch on hummingbird feeder in front yard tree. Getting ready to drink plain water from the moat.

 They love these sock feeders.
 Sparrow waiting turn on sock feeder inside this little red maple tree.
On end of house, a hummingbird window feeder. Old window so glass is not too clear for photographs but so fun to watch from the recliner or sofa!

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