Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ricky Nye

I was lazy and left my adjustable flash at home. I take non flash photos 98.5% of the time-- since birds and critters don't need lighting ...so I (falsely) assumed (!?) there would be enough ambient lighting  at MUHD again, and there.was.not. But, that's ok because Ricky Nye lit up with room with his piano and personality! Was my  first time hearing the boy and he did not disappoint. 

One of my photos, I did use a flash and you can figure it out due to the shadow I got, even though the wall was a good what, 20 feet away? This NikonD40 has an overly bright flash that could light up a small village. The other pics are grainy due to ISO put up the the max/1600 or 800 the other..looks like I shot through a burlap sack, but I digress.

Ricky had  a great sale on his CD's (so great I can't mention the price here!) so i bought two thanks to Kevin Loving being  good enough to lend me the cash for a couple days (When i put him on the spot!! Thanks Kevin and excuse my rudeness!) 

I enjoyed Ricky's  brief talking in between a few songs,  and could've listened all night to his stories and music! I love learning a story behind great old music/musicians that too many kids are ignorant about and don't want to listen to..You can't appreciate  music in ipods or ear buds in my world.  You need to hear them through real speakers...where the music sounds rich! Not flat and oh, maybe ... over produced, but I am getting off topic...what was the question?

If you are bummed about the holidays or happy about the holidays the 2 CDs I happened to pick fit the bill! One was  Ricky Nye 'The Three B's; Blues, Ballads and Boogie Woogie.'  and the other Blues Boogie from Nov 6, 2010 at Southgate House. I've never been to Kentucky venues due to the fact, I can not breathe cigarette smoke if i want to continue breathing. Nevertheless, this CD captures the live action with some fabulous musicians and is great, energetic recording. His solo CD is great music for dinner or a cocktail party or even cooking !!


rickynye said...

thanks for your comments about the show and thanks for coming! wanted to let you know the Blues & Boogie Piano Summit (held @ Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY) is SMOKE FREE! the only room there that has smoking is the lounge…keep in mind for next year! weekend of November 7th/8th- hope to see you again soon Sophia! :o)

Sophia said...

Thanks for the note! I have heard mixed stories on the smoking situation. Thanks for clearing it up! :-)