Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pita Bread with raw veggies Sandwich

Pita bread with raw veggies

Skally's Old World Whole Wheat Pita bread

fill with

1 Cup fresh mung bean sprouts ( I grew mine or other sprouts work)

1 cup grated carrots

½ cup or so, diced green onion tops (just use the green part)

½ cup  or so, finely diced red bell peppers

(All measurements are approximate...I mean who measures for this kind of thing?)

If needed, use mustard, or mashed avocado for a sandwich spread. I used a mix of mustard, some almond butter I made, and lime juice.

Cut in half your pita bread and jam the goodies inside. Wrap with a napkin to make it easier to eat, as depending upon softness of bread, may break.

Or if you want to eat on gluten free bread, or Ezekial bread, eat open-faced.

I am on strike in this heat and even with AC, kitchen gets too hot.

Treat yourself to easy plant based, raw food dinners.  You do not need a fancy dehydrator to make raw meals fast. I recomment Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or two People by Jennifer Cornbleet. Simple recipes and you can even watch her make things online.

Just my two cents.

Tomorrow, I am making raw spring rolls. I made them before with flour spring wraps but will try the rice wraps tomorrow, that you need to dunk in water first! NO COOKING for that either.

I prep a little as I go and rest so no static standing, if that is an issue for some of you, and I KNOW it is.
Then store this in air tight container in the fridge, or lunch cooler, and eat before day's end.

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