Wednesday, October 29, 2008

November 3rd Show 11pm: Rants and Raves from the major to the minutiae

Have you tried to call your phone company/cable company/utility company lately? You can get stuck in voice mail hell, on hold for 40 minutes just to get the wrong dept and start over again. Lather rinse repeat. Thankfully my landline phone company offers a call back service if hold times are long. That's a rave imo.

Have you called for computer service/repair? Do you get the feeling you have called Mars instead? Or maybe you are fed up with all the political adds? Just one more day left! Or how about all those ubiquitous "E.D." adds that are offensive during nightly news and sporting events. Yikes! This is not a DVR house so we are stuck with the adds but we do tape some shows on a VCR sometimes.

Whether your gripe is major or minutiae, I want to hear from YOU. Email me before the show to voice your two cents if you can't join me live, or register and join us in chat or as my one radio buddy calls it, 'the guest room.'

Hope to see ya there!

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