Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Truly Historical Election

Ok, I did not vote for either main candidate (a big third party gal!) but was totally caught up in the evening starting about 9pm...Watched two tvs (one muted with close captioning, one with sound) and between stations. We found ourselves watching Fox News the most due to the most classy guy on that station, Brit Hume (and sadly he is retiring !!!) He also has a great sense of humor. I felt I was in the twilight zone as a little past 9pm, Karl Rove (NOT my favorite person) pointed out the obstacles facing McCain...and I thought "whoa"....could a black man really become our president? If Rove saw the problems that oh, my.

Not only did he win, but then McCain gave --what I thought to be-- a very sincere and gracious speech (How sad Obama's grandmother died yesterday and McCain mentioned that, too)

Then Karl Rove went on to say America needs to CELEBRATE this election and to say a prayer and stand behind the new president, etc. I had to make sure I was not hallucinating. It was so nice not having Sean Vanity on to gunk things up.

Again, I love Brit Hume but what came out of the mouths of some of the others truly touched me as well. Juan Williams (black correspondent for NPR and Fox News) spoke of his surprise that a black man REALLY DID become president...and seemed to be touched by it all when it was made official at 11pm was just a splendid evening of tv viewing....I suddenly wished I had gone to the big Democrat Headquarters party with my sister but it was too far away.

So I got a few of my photos, captured some off the internet and put together this little slide show. If you can't get past what happened tonight, skip it. If you either voted for Obama or can just APPRECIATE an historical election night, enjoy the little slide show. Music of Dire Straits, "Walk of Life".

After some photographs of different parts of the country, you will see Obama as a little boy with his mother, and then his grandparents and then he with his grandmother. I had to include her in this vignette.

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