Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do Kids Have Too Much self Esteem these days?

Are we seeing more narcissism?


Years ago improving self esteem seemed to be the key to helping kids feel better about themselves. Instead, kids today are more self absorbed than ever, have no empathy for others, and criminals often think very highly of themselves and go off the charts in the "self esteem" range.

Don't we need to find a balance? Look at generation X and some of their horrible social skills. Is it because they don't care? Too much time on computers? Let's talk about this. Let me know what you think. Been around any brats lately? :)


Anonymous said...

Lots of kids today are narcissistic in the sense they're raised to believe the world centers around them. But it doesn't mean they also have high self esteem.

Schools expect way more of kids today, there's more homework and they're expected to read by the time they enter kindergarten. Lots of pressures that we didn't have as children. .

Their schedules are determined by their parents, time is filled with constant after school activities and "play dates". Which leaves little time to day dream or to quietly read a book. Or to hang out with friends on your own terms.

This overloaded schedule also stifles any sort of creativity. Kids today, are not expected or taught how to entertain themselves. No time for that when their parents and schools micro manage them and control their every waking hour And if there is any free time it's usually taken up with playing on the computer or watching TV.

The lack of creativity coupled with constant parental control results in a lack of the ability to problem solve annd figure out things on your own. Which creates low self esteem.

How can you feel good about your self when life's expectations are super high yet you haven't been taught any skills on how to live up to those expectations on your own. No skills on how to tackle the every day things that life throws at you becasue your parents are usually solving those things for you.

Sophia said...

Thanks for your fantastic feedback and great specifics.

I am sorry you missed the show as I only partially addressed the topic as the mommies and others interested did not make the show.

I almost wonder if all the articles I read are not half correct and we need to meet in the middle. Yes some kids are narcissistic but just a little or due to personality disorder, or parents spoiling them.

Or pressuring them.

Also, is this an argument in semantics based on the reality we all see about kids today. Interesting topic and sorry you missed the show.

I am changing the show to 10 pm on Mondays but depending on your time zone, that may or may not help you to tune in.

But thanks for stopping by the blog and giving an opinion.