Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Murals Transform & Other Minutia

Years ago, Fairfield had nationally known artist Eric Henn paint some murals on a boring modern post office building. The paintings are great and give a sense of nostalgia to the area as he remembers the history of the city. The different murals are of original landmarks of the city. I only captured a couple of them due to the traffic in the parking lot. There are five total. Check out his work from other cities here.

Now the other photos are of cats in the house.The gray Stewart has a huge tail that is always fluffed out. He was looking at the day lillies in front of the house as he shared a hassock with Speedy, house mate's cat. As always, a cat will seek out the sunbeam. He has the finest, softest fur of any cat I've owned. Feels soft as a newborn chick. He has no idea how big his tail is and swings it into everything! :)

I am very conservative with the sunflower seeds this year for the birds, squirrels & chimpmunks. This squirrel kept coming to the sliding door for water and peeking in to see if I might hand out some more but I did not. In the second photo he almost seems miffed that I did not give him more snacks... I almost expected a one finger salute from him but he just moped away after getting a drink.

A few winters ago, another squirrel used to actually tap on the window to ask for food! My housemate found that funny and almost hard to believe until one winter morning, he witnessed the begging squirrel himself. I don't have that picture handy.

Until next time.

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