Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo

To kick things off, since I don't really drink much these days except the occasional glass of wine or beer, I still remember with fondness a late uncle and his wife. I only saw them about 6 times in my entire life. But they were from L.A. and on one trip in the 1980's brought this great Margarita Recipe with them. So with that, I shall toast today, the Fifth of May!

Home Made Margarita Recipe

You will need Tequila (we used SILVER Label Hose Cuervo for mildness)

A good brand of Triple Sec

One Lime


1 cup limeade (in frozen foods)
3 cups Sweet and Sour Base (Good brand?!)
1/2 Egg White (If afraid, leave out but we always used it)

For Drinks

1 cup base mix (shake before measuring so the egg white is mixed)

1/2 cup orange juice, fresh or the NOT from concentrate variety

3 jiggers Tequila

1 jigger Triple Sec

1 cup crushed ice

Put in blender. Pour in glasses rubbed with a lime and dipped in Kosher or Margarita salt.

Enjoy and stay home or have designated driver if you go out and about. Ha!! :)

This may seem like quite the investment but I have never found anybody that did not like this recipe. But remember, it's only as good as the ingredients.


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