Friday, January 21, 2011

Bitter Cold, Sun, Snow, River Day

The sun was out, the sky was very blue, the snow was sparkling, so this was my mission. To go along the river to the dam in Hamilton and the overlook. I only took my 55-200mm AV lens. Unfortunately, what looked like sparkling diamonds in the snow to my eyes, got over exposed in the photographs. Still, I embattled the bitter cold of 10 degrees w added chill factor from wind. (fingers were so painful after 10 minutes, even w gloves, it was a long 5 minute walk back to the car & heat!)
Nevertheless, I caught a nice flag shot, some Canadian geese flying, log covered in snow stuck in the boil, and other random shots of snow on steps, rocks & water fountains. The church steeple you see used to be seen from my old apartment bedroom window at night. Still miss that view and the partial view of the Great Miami river. I even took a photo of some electrical wires as reminder they keep us ALL connected on our laptops, home power & such.

These are not fabulous pictures just some I wanted to share with others w/o clogging up the Twitter stream. A celebration of the beauty of sun & snow, amidst the bitter cold. Not to mention my need for an attitude adjustment to snOMG.

Above, ice frosted rocks.

Looking into the boil from above. Mixture of bubbles, ice bits & water.Below is snow and ice covered log stuck in the boil for a long time.

I'd love to have this old drinking fountain. Love the look.

When this photo was taken, looking back at my walk to the car, I honestly thought I had frostbite in my fingers, even with gloves on! Hurt, burning & getting numb.

P.S. IceFest is this weekend in Hamilton but it will be too cold for many. Shame, the ice sculptures are awesome!

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