Monday, January 3, 2011

Think Spring, Plan Ahead for Garden

This was our yard 4 yrs ago. Slowly over time, things went downhill for a variety of reasons. Then, last year some awful, plentiful weed had taken over our grass & garden. Some root bulb weed that can ONLY be removed with lots of digging up & our yard is big. So the plan is to get a tiller or something & remove lots of it. Replant the center plot with things raccoons & groundhogs don't like and use lots of mulch. Ground hogs will eat the Black-Eyed -Susans but thankfully, my neighbor has some to divide and share this year.

If you saw our yard last summer, it was pitiful & the high dew points kept me house bound so weeds really took over. It looked more like a cross between Sanford & Son and Green Acres, sigh. My neighbor next door (who's house you can see a bit) has FABULOUS yard & flowers. Very inspirational.

The other shocking thing is the evergreen tree on the side of the house has TRIPLED in size in four years time. What to do, or who to call, to trim it well & with affordability.. . . It's sixty feet tall.

But now is the time to put money aside & plan for the yard. I need low maintenance flowers and stuff that likes shade between the trees & the new stupid 100 foot long plastic privacy fence neighbor behind us has added to back of yards. Did I mention he's taken away our view of sunsets? The chipmunk is not amused, either.

Stay tuned~~Sophia

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