Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learning Manual Mode w NikonD40

Things are greening up! Sun was out, yay!
Practicing manual mode after yrs of cheating (Auto) is not for sissies, but hell, who knew you could keep the lens on autofocus. Not I. Stewart enjoying HD 3D for cats with squirrels on the patio. Oscar yawned & was bored. Speedy enjoying the sunshine as was I from recliner.

Thing I miss about film camera? There is horrible burn out factor from sunny windows or skies. This drives me NUTS on tv as well but whether you've a cheap P&S or $3000 cam, issue is there. Need to invest in a special filter. But first need to relearn f-stops/shutters in a digital cam. NOT as easy as learning in film....miss the quality of film but need help focusing with my eyes so will take what I can get. Should be interesting week to practice.

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