Friday, June 22, 2012

Remembering Mom on her Birthday

Just some random photos of mom from the last 10yrs though this one below, more like 15 or so. No date on it. On friend's deck.
A hodge podge, in no particular order. 

A very rare silly photo of mom inside the spring house at Pyramid Hill, pretending to be scary. It was much darker than this flash photo represented.

Mom with her first baby! My older sister! 1946.
She would've been 92 today. Missing you something fierce, mom, with all the flowers I grew this year and the squirrels, chipmunks, humming birds & others. Missing your healthy voice and of course, your laughter. I miss hearing your laugh, wish I had a recording of it . . .

Last time mom danced. She hadn't danced in decades and did great.  Above she is with Andre, who had her dancing to fast music. She was 82.  Great setting at Mt. Echo Park for my nephew's wedding.

 Jack leading his Queen City Big Band at the wedding.
 Mom's favorite room in her house. The Den. I so miss that paneling. Nothing like it around these days.  The color was rich & not typical knotty pine.

 At Pyramid Hill's Abracadabra.  Our favorite sculpture.

 These baby robins kept mom going last summer, got her out of bed,  as she watched through binoculars from her den, and I got many photographs.  Grew up and flew away within 14 days!

 Mom's great grand-daughter, with my sister-in-law.

Many photos from PH Park.

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