Saturday, November 24, 2012

Critters inside & out

**Click on any photo to enlarge it**
Chipmunk and squirrels drink from pan in front or doors.  
Stewart still watching the chipmunk and ignoring a squirrel who needs more sunflower seeds! I give out small amount a few times a day.  So cute to watch.
Small Christmas vignette. Tree needs branch straightening and red beads added.

 As I still let the new kitchen island air out a few days (new paint and fake wood outgassing, it was in a back room)  Stewart hopped in to try it out. I was telling him to get down thus his expression of "Aw, mom gee whiz. I like it in here!"

10 second vid of Stewart pawing at squirrel on a twitpic link. On Fbook C has a much longer video !

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