Saturday, November 17, 2012

Singing For Their Supper: Twistin' Sourwood

Stepping into Pearl's Diner the first time, was like stepping back in time.  Down home food at a fair price and some modern food choices, pie and music. Friendly diners that smiled at you as you walked by and friendly wait staff. The country band was a mixture of folks with an age range from 20 something to 80 something. They are not paid by Pearl's to perform here. They play for the love of music and fellowship of the music, tips and their dinner!

Some regulars sit in and sing with the band and you may even hear some gospel. (How long has it been since you've been to church, anyway?) Except for a handful of modern "country" tunes,  the songs are from 30 or more years ago which suits me just fine.  Back when country had a purer sound before becoming homogenized and pasteurized for the masses.

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Close up of the dobro

Gospel tune by some regulars who sat in to sing and finish the evening.

Ed Roberts, guitarist, keeps the show going and Amber Hensley sings the tunes. Carl Sallee plays dobro (and is one of the best dobro players you will ever hear!) Ethan Berne plays bass and Dan Conley on the banjo. They also play some bluegrass tunes and I heard a fabulous rendition of "John Hardy" tonight along with some other banjo tunes.  If you are ever in Fairfield, stop in to Pearl's where the wait staff is friendly, the food is good (breakfast served 24/7) and they never let your coffee cup get empty.

My friend got a great hamburger, I think it was called a Pearl Boy. I had scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast for $2.99.

Twistin' Sourwood returns on December 1st. Stop in and check them out and remember to tip the band before you leave. . . as well as your waitress! 

P.S. 1 minute clip on tiny video cam.

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