Thursday, April 30, 2015

Around the Spring yard!

In the shadows and in the trees of a spring morning, there are many photo ops.  Get a telephoto lens and it makes things even more interesting.

Having health challenges for 20 years that keep me close to home,  I search for things to photograph and wildlife gives me an abundance...even those pesky squirrels!

 If you have a window or two with no screens, what's out your window to photograph?  Or take a stroll through the yard or to a nearby green area,

If you are reading this from the office, take a nature break and view the out of doors (you will have to imagine the birdsongs in your mind :)
Go here to find the calls and songs of birds in your area

**PLEASE NOTE** IF you have problems reading white text on black background (like me but the black is better for photography) Highlight the text and that way it is blue with white text***
Same with captions with photos.
Click on each photo to see full sized.

 Goldfinches looking patchy as the males get their glow in the dark summer color!

 This little male Ruby Throated Hummingbird is back, too.

 in the shadows of green, some late blooming bleeding hearts...
 look closely and you can read the print on this piece of nesting paper
 He's coming out while the wife is away looking for more materials
 Guarding. Saw him chase a squirrel OFF HIS roof this morning. :)

"I didn't do anything...honest. "...(yea, right) ...

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