Monday, April 20, 2015

Self Portraits Can Be Fun

I don't use a smart phone, and can barely type on tablet touch pad. (if you have tremors in your hands, they can very challenging!) I use a NikonD3300 DSLR.
So my selfies are done the old fashioned way with a camera and tripod.

(I don't smoke it's an old cigarette prop !)

This is the focus pole I used when standing against the wall. I moved it and stood in it's place and I just cut it out later. I also got rid of the spring door stop. you can also see the foil I put on the door to reflect the light in non flash photographs. I hate flash.

I confess, I prefer being behind the lens but one of the best ways to learn is on yourself.  Our house has very few areas to photograph against with too many oddly placed closets, lots of windows, and doorways.  I use a tiny corner entry way but I can't get rid of the slight shadow behind me that makes me look like a cut out at first glance!
 Example of bad shadow ! !

Sunglasses can make self portraits more fun.

Find what's in your/husband/boyfriends/room mate's closet? Bring out the kid in yourself and just play. I had not done this for 20 years. Then play around in photoshop or some other filters.

(One focus point I used, then I tossed the yardstick and  sat on chair)
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