Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Howard Dean at Miami Hamilton Parrish Auditorium

A friend asked me to go with him to hear Dr. Dean speak about how he thinks Obamacare can work IF it's implemented properly. I am not posting these to start a debate, and hateful comments will be deleted.It was just such a KICK, for me, to see a nationally known politician in my own back yard. Intimate setting, not HOARDS of people crowded, though the Parrish was almost to capacity. He was an engaging speaker and fun to watch. 

Sorry for so many photographs. I was too far away to get clear photos and when I emailed, they asked no flash (which I had already offered to do) so it was tricky from 50 feet or so. I had to use the 55 -300 MM lens but he gestured a lot which made it difficult. 

He took questions afterwards and most asked intelligent questions. There was a also a reception and book signing afterwards but we left immediately.

Still, this small town girl got a kick out of the experience. Republicans and Democrats (and Indies like me) were there. They had the best seats reserved in front of us.

I had to tweak the daylights out of some of the photos to make them presentable, even if 'soft focus.' He is a good looking guy in person and lost a LOT of weight since his junk food days of  campaigning.

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