Monday, September 30, 2013

Pyramid Hill Park Art Fair and Music Festival

Saturday's weather? PICTURE perfect! The park looked great, the booths were fun and interesting and the music energetic, and fine!  Why did two bands play at the same time and both sets had musicians stuck in the sun? Granted it was not 95 but still, a problem easily remedied next year, as well as more seats for the audience to sit in. Straw bales or more picnic tables would've helped.

The Outhouse Trio was  entertaining, but played the same time some other friends did, though I heard some of their stuff briefly Sunday, when it rained and moved the bands indoors. Jim McBride was a one man band, switching between instruments all day,  but enjoyed this choices, too, but, played up against other friends that were having special gigs that day! I have two ears but can only listen to one band at a time...but maybe that's me.
In no particular order are some of the great musicians I got to sample or listen to in their entirety.

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Above, is The OutHouse Trio 
Jim McBride, switched instruments around a lot, a one man band of many  tunes!
Jim McBride through a tree branch. I loved the bokeh color I captured  with his cap.
Chuck and Deborah Wiggins, a great singing duet! 
Kevin Loving on guitar, Donny Hampton of 31 Ky Bluegrass band, on mandolin.
These little girls danced to some of Kevin Loving's set. Cute kids!
Kevin, in the harsh noonday sun, belting out a fabulous set with mandolin player Donny! A cornucopia of tunes!
Chico on stage with Twistin' Sourwood.

Ethan Berne, bass player with Twistin' Sourwood.
Kevin and Chico appear,  in a happy, uplighting, toe-tapping- set to finish the day!

You can see the time on Chico's watch! 5:55pm! And see the plug in so we could hear his violining better this set!
Kevin Loving's second set with special guest-- Chico Converse-- got cut too short since the preceding band ran over time.  But Kevin and Chico still seemed to be having a great time (first time playing together, ever!! - and great tunes!)
Read more about Kevin Loving here!

**Check out Chico's band  schedule here!
I'd be remiss without saying check out in person. Support the park and the arts!

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