Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2001. I remember where I was . . Do you?

A Memorial Display by my local Fire Department on Sept 11, 2011
The alarm went off at 9:00 AM to radio news of  some plane hitting tower one.  I flipped on the bedroom tv just in time to see, on ABC morning show, the 2nd plane fly into the second building, and the commentators gasped.  We knew it was not deliberate.

I remember talking to my late mother on the phone, who was in her early 80s at the time. After sitting there stunned, looking at the tv for an hour or so, I called her just as the first building was collapsing.  She could not bear to watch it all.  It was too horrifying for her to imagine.

I sat there frozen to the television all day and late into the night. I was sickened to see things fall from the building, and then realize, they were people making a horrible decision.

My niece was fortunate enough to be able to walk home from NYC, across the Brooklyn bridge to her home. It was a long walk and she heard horror stories from people, who saw those trapped in the building,  desperate to choose between burning to death or leaping to their fate.

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